The first Route5 Workshop took place in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam on Tuesday March 22nd. We started at 10:00 with coffee and the day closed with drinks and informal discussions starting at around 16:30 hrs. Click the links next to the pitchers and you’ll get their sheets in .pdf form.

  • 10:00 coffee
  • 10:30 Welcome – Stan Bentvelsen
  • 10:40 The Nationale Wetenschapsagenda – Carlo Beenakker
  • 11:00 Organisation of the day – Jan Pieter van der Schaar
  • 11:10 Series of nine 7-minute pitches on the scientific landscape – (moderator Mark Golden)
  • 12:30 Round table lunch + discussion
    • Each table has a moderator + one of the pitchers from the morning session + a variety of workshop participants.
      Goal: react/reflect on the pitch.
      Output per table: >2 soundbites (140 characters each) on the pitch: focus on the grand perspective of the topic and identifying your own future links to the topic.
      Moderators organise and collect the soundbites.
  • 13:30 First series of six 4-minute pitches from the community (moderator Paul Groot)
  • 14:00 Round table discussions – I
    • Each table has a moderator, table participants are shuffled.
      Goal: building on the whole so far, identify game-changers and new connections within and outside Route5.
      Output: flip-over page summarising discussion.
  • 14:30 Second series of six 4-minute pitches from the community (moderator Paul Groot)
  •  15:00 Round table discussions – II
    • Each table has a moderator, table participants are shuffled.
      Game-plan: see previous session.
  • 15:30 ‘Spacetime’ – a scientific intermezzo by Jo van den Brand
    • moderators use this time to:
      • generate one sheet per table per discussion session
      • fuse the soundbites, flip-over sheets into an impression of the discussion as a whole
  • 16:00 Feed-back on the discussions – Jan Pieter van der Schaar
  • 16:15 Next steps for route 5 – Stan Bentvelsen
  • 16:30 drinks & continuation informal discussion: all flip-overs available, soundbites projected 
  • 18:00 end.