During the workshop we plan to schedule a number of pitches. A pitch for this workshop can take only 4 minutes with an additional one minute for changement to the next speaker.

The pitch itself should emphasize a link or bridge between scientific disciplines, between disciplines and HBO, innovation, education or even outside the domain of the workshop. At least one leg of the link has to be positioned within the boundaries of this route.

Only pdf file transparencies are accepted for statements or supporting images – with a maximum of three pages. The pdf file has to be send to nwa5 at fom.nl at least the day before the workhop (21 March).

During registration, you will be asked to give a pitch. It may be that we have to make a selection if the number of volunteers exceeds the maximum.

We will ask people from the audience to summarize each pitch in 140 characters maximum (a tweet). So make good soundbites that emphasize new connections!